Colorant Pigment Chemicals Co., Ltd.Colorant Pigment Chemicals Co., Ltd.
specializing in a full range of pigment


About us

Colorant pigment chemicals co., ltd. (called cpc) is one of your loyal partners in Colorant Pigment industry. We are a Colorant Pigment manufacturer and exporter, specializing in a full range of pigment. Our commercialization ability and speed should be of your good interest, we convert your idea to your continuous income with our facility and wisdom. Also, we have good link to the researching institutes and universities in China.

We offer colorized pigments, Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green & Violet (purple), More than 100 different kinds organic Pigment are suitable for various application, Offset Ink, Liquid Solvent Ink (Gravure, NC, PA ), Water Based Ink, Plastic & Rubber, Coatings & Paints, Textile Printing etc. More than 90% of CPC pigments are for export. Our customers is expanded to more than 40 countries, include Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middile East and Africa etc.

CPC pay more attention to our customers’ benefits. We provide Consistent quality, Professional Color and we should be your Credible Partner in China.